Welcome to Lumière Ballet Co., Inc.


Svetlana Caton and Venti Petrov, Artistic Directors & Head Faculty

“It is not enough to please the eye. We strive to engage the heart

From the very beginning, Svetlana and Venti, with those responsible for the creation

of Lumiere Ballet, believed that the finest traditions of the time-tested art of ballet can thrive

in our diverse communities, inspiring eager young talents.



Our teaching method corresponds to the Russian Methodology.

It combines the elegant style of the French School and the strength of the Italian School

We bring live stagings of the great classics, story ballets and contemporary works 

The joy of learning is imparted to the students with consistent and rigorous practice.

Students carry their life lesson into adulthood, whether it be career in dance or any other profession.


Enrollment is open to students ages 4 to 24+ and Adults.

The ballet curriculum offers the following:

2 levels in Primary Ballet

6 levels in Formal Classical Ballet

3 levels in Character Dance

In addition, the Summer intensive Courses also include Workshops

in ‘Stage Appeal’, ‘Music Appreciation’, ‘History’, ‘Health and Nutrition’