Community Outreach

Community Outreach and Arts-in-Education Programs

Our Touring Performing Company has an extensive Classical, Romantic and Contemporary repertoire. Performances can be designed to meet the needs of schools, annual concert series, community and formal events.



In affiliation with the Suffolk and Nassau BOCES, an Arts-in-Education program: “Dance as a Second Language” has been launched in 2008. DSL brings to life popular stories: Hansel and Gretel, Snow Maiden, Alice’s Adventures, Narnia, The Little Prince. DSL also brings the legacy of the European masters of the 19th century with highlights from the great ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker. Paquita, Giselle and Bayadère.

In addition DSL brings a variety of Classical and Character Dances with various ethnic and national styles to invite the young spectators to travel in various parts of the world and often back in time: A Polovetsian Dance depicts nomadic horsemen and maidens in the 12th century Asian prairies. The music is from the Opera “Prince Igor” by Borodin. The melody is easily recognized for it has been used as background for TV series and animés.

Below is a brief description of two of our story ballets: Snow Maiden and The Little Prince. For more descriptions go to the main menu and click on “Performnces.”

SNOW MAIDEN – Snegurotchka (SNE-‘GU-RO-CHKA)

Snow Maiden is a “spring story” that has its origin in Slavic Mythology.The 19th Century Russian author, Alexander Ostrovsky wrote a fairy play by this title. Rimsky Korsakov composed the music for the Opera by the same title. The character of Snow Maiden has inspired painters, poets, musicians and choreographers. Lumière Ballet production is an adaptation of the fairy-play.


The Story: Winter and Spring have a child – her name is Snowmaiden. As she reaches adolescence, Snowmaiden experiences increasing difficulty; the obedience to her austere father and the awakening of emotional feelings.

Her father keeps his daughter in the cold land of snow, protected from all the mortals. Her mother, as the seasons permit, stirs Snowmaiden’s curiosity to live with the humans. Her desire to sing and dance like them is awakened and she pleads with her mother, the warm and joyful Spring, to go and live with people.

The drama unfolds as Snowmaiden is attracted to a young shepherd. The rays of the Sun reach Snowmaiden, who being a ‘living snowflake” melts. Snowmaiden does not die, she becomes, instead, a river and delivers the land from the gripping frost.


The Little Prince was written on Long Island in 1942, by a French Aviator, Antoine de Saint Exupéry. With some narration and dialogue, the ballet depicts The Little Prince with the Rose on his planet, his stellar voyages and his encounters with various inhabitants: A proud Ruler, a Businessman etc…

Music by Satie, Debussy and Mozart. Choreography by Svetlana Caton-Noble.


The Story: The Little Prince represents a universe of dreams, poetry and simple truth about life and human nature. In this story the author tells us how he was stranded in the desert and how he meets an extraterrestrial being in the human appearance of a child, The Little Prince The essence of the story is contained within the words of the Fox which the Little Prince meets on the Earth: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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  • The Little Prince and New Repertoire

    Spring 2017 TBA
  • Benefit Performance

    In support of: Long Island Against Domestic Violence 40th Year Gala October 27 at 8 pm Stonebridge Country Club Smithtown, NY

    Nutcracker 2016

    Maguire Theater in Old Westbury 7pm Saturday December 17 4pm Sunday December 18