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Lumiere Ballet Performing Company brings professional presentations of popular classical Ballets and Contemporary Works by Venti Petrov and Svetlana Caton.  In December,  LB presents the Nutcracker at the Maguire Theater . In August, at Tanner Park in Copiague, with funding from Suffolk County, full staging Classical Ballets and new Repertoire is offered FREE to the Public. Since 2008 Lumiere Ballet brought traditional staging of Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Giselle, Coppelia, Paquita,  Don Quixote,  Les Sylphides and Summer Performances at Tanner Park  . In June, LB Training Program hods its annual, End of Year Graduation Performances Educational performances and lectures take place throughout the year at Libraries, Schools and select Cultural/Historic Events

Below is a brief description of two of our story ballets: Snow Maiden and The Little Prince. For more descriptions go to the main menu and click on “Performances.”

SNOW MAIDEN – Snegurotchka (SNE-‘GU-RO-CHKA)

music compilation: Tchaikovsky (the Seasons), Schnittke (Concerto Grosso), Rimsky Korsakov (Mlada)

choreography:  Svetlana Caton

The Story: Winter and Spring have a child – her name is Snowmaiden. The girl lives in cold isolation, protected by her father the austere Winter. As she is growing up, she is overcome with desire to experience emotion and warmth.

The drama unfolds as Snowmaiden is attracted to a young shepherd. The rays of the Sun reach Snowmaiden, who being a ‘living snowflake” melts. Snowmaiden does not die, she becomes, instead, a river and delivers the land from the gripping frost.


music compilation: Debussy,  Satie,  Mozart

The Story: The Little Prince represents a universe of dreams and simple truth about life and human nature. In this story the author Antoine de Saint Exupery, tells us how he was stranded in the desert and how he meets an extraordinary child, The Little Prince The essence of the story is contained within the following words: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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Nutcracker 2017

Maguire Theater in Old Westbury